Borrowell Personal Loans through Mortgage InGenuity

Canadians deserve to borrow well. Mortgage InGenuity has teamed up with Borrowell to provide unsecured loans.

So guess what, our name is Borrowell.
Borrowell is a Canadian company—and darn proud of it—backed by some of the best and brightest investors in Canada.

What are we?
We’re a safe responsible new way for Canadians to obtain three and five year fixed-rate loans at low interest rates that reward your good credit score. And since your credit score is so important to managing your financial life, we’re also a secure way to get your credit score—for free.

How does Borrowell fit into your life?
Easily. Respectfully.

When we opened our doors we quickly became known for offering something Canadians hungered for: a fast fair way to borrow to pay off high interest credit card balances.

As our clients who have become credit-card debt-free have happily learned, getting out of the red puts a whole new colour on one’s financial life. And a smile.

Now we’re becoming famous for offering a major first for Canadians.

We can now provide you with your Equifax credit score for free, online.
And checking your score won’t affect it.

We think every Canadian should know their credit score. Because knowledge is power.

And knowing your credit score gives you the power to manage it and improve it.

If you want to know more about why we’re giving out credit scores for free, click here.

Meet our team.
At Borrowell we’re powered by cutting edge technology, but it’s people that motivate us. So we’re proud of the fact that the tens of thousands of Canadians who have applied to borrow with us have said nice things about our friendly service.

Try us out.
To learn more about what has made Borrowell the premier lending marketplace for Canadians who want to borrow well

Click here to apply for an unsecured loan.

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